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Corporate Social Responsibility



Corporate Social responsibility

At Total Liberia, we have always believed that we should create a positive impact in the environment in which we operate.  As we are determined to move into every county across the Republic of Liberia, so also has our commitment to create a defined and greater social impact. So it is our vision that together we will elevate our suppliers, customers, and community partners to leave a positive footprint in our society.

Our focus on key areas is in line with our activities as a marketing affiliate of Total Africa. 

Road Safety

Every year, we have various programs geared towards educating road users on safely plying the roads. Total Liberia is a part of the transport environment, with more than 60 Total branded trucks daily accessing the roads. It is our responsibility to ensure we follow safe practices to create a safe environment for our stakeholders.

Our road safety campaigns include educating school-going children on road usage with the Road Safety Cube Tools. More than 20 schools have benefitted to date, since the introduction of the safety cube in 2013 in Liberia.

Total Liberia has distributed ‘Stop and Go’ Signs to the City Government for use by traffic authorities to aid pedestrians in crossing the roads.

Total Liberia donated Reflective Vests to the Liberia National Police for its Road Safety Personnel.


Total Liberia has initiated several programs to benefit the youth of Liberia.

The Young Graduate Program. Students in various disciplines, including business, technology, finance and marketing are beneficiaries of this program. Upon graduation, students are vetted and after evaluation and upon meeting the criteria, they are placed in the YG Program. This gives our young graduates the opportunity to face the real work environment and also exposes them to work in other affiliates, thereby equipping them for the job market.

Total Liberia has signed the University Partnership Agreement with the University of Liberia. The partnership agreement will provide opportunities in the following areas:

  • Lectures or contributions by employees of TLI or another Total subsidiary
  • Exchange on design and implementation of degree awarding education or continuing education
  • Participation in business fairs and forums
  • E-Learning courses and a lot of other career oriented programs

Total Liberia has signed a one-year sponsorship agreement with the Rosetta Steps Learn to Earn program for adult literacy; providing financial support for logistics to the program.

Other programs involved with to promote education include:

  • Assistance to the Kids Engagement Education Project. A reading room initiative located in various counties across the country.
  • Renovation of the Lorma Quarter Elementary School. A Government run institution in the Buzzy Quarter Community where Total Liberia has its head office.

Access to Energy

Energy is a basic necessity, like water or food. It is also an essential driver for development, because energy facilitates access to education, communication, information and it improves living standards. Yet, several billion people worldwide do not have access to reliable modern energy and still depend on expensive, inefficient sources of energy.

To promote the emergence of new solutions, Total introduced the Total Access to Energy program, which acts as a project incubator to develop innovative, economically viable models to improve access to energy for low-income communities. To serve these communities deprived of basic energy solutions; Total decided to offer a range of solar lamps that are both less expensive, brighter, and safer than more commonly used lighting sources, such as kerosene lamps, candles and batteries.

Several pathways are being explored, including photovoltaic solar equipments, mini-grids, solar kiosks, & clean cookstoves...

World’s Malaria Day

Total Liberia, on April 25, 2019, celebrated World Malaria’s Day with the people of Buzzy Quarter, the community hosting TLI Head Office. Fumigation equipment and other safety accessories (nose masks, raincoats, rain boots, safety goggles) as well as fumigation chemicals were donated to the community leadership to be used in the fight against mosquitoes and pests to prevent malaria and other diseases (typhoid, diarrhea, etc.). A short demo was done by the HSEQ Manager on how to use the equipment and a mixture of the chemicals. The occasion was used to re-emphasize Total’s commitment to the community hosting Total Liberia Head office.