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Total in Liberia

Total Liberia at a glance

TOTAL Liberia is a subsidiary of TOTAL S.A. Group, which is the fifth largest Oil and Gas Company in the World, operating in about 130 countries on five continents.

TOTAL began operations in Liberia on October 1, 2005 after a successful purchase of 100% of ExxonMobil shares in 14 subsidiaries across Africa.

TOTAL Liberia’s head office is located at Buzzy Quarters along the United Nations Drive in Monrovia. TOTAL Liberia operates  (2) two aviation depots at RIA and Spriggs and (1) storage facility located at Bushrod Island in Clara Town, Monrovia.


Human capital investment

TOTAL Liberia has a work force of 82 employees, including interns and contract staff; with 6% of the employees being expatriates.

The company greatly relies on the expertise of its Liberian staff who are mostly young graduates in the field of business, finance, marketing and administration; the experience of the expatriate staff renders immense support to the team.

TOTAL Liberia also indirectly employs over 500 persons at the service station level.


Capital investment

Since its inception in 2005, TOTAL Liberia has invested immensely in human capital, infrastructure and corporate social responsibility.

  • Overall investment 2005 – 2014 : US$42,299,214.88
  • Investment for 2015 : US$7,945,000.00
  • Projected investment for 2016 : US$5,940,000.00
  • Total Investment portfolio : US$56,184,214.88



As a marketing subsidiary, TOTAL Liberia engages in two main activities; Retail Network (RN) and General Trade (GT).

TOTAL Liberia also engages in the sale of JET A-1 into-plane services to domestic and international flights; sale of AGO, PMS and Kerosene to commercial clients and end-users.

TOTAL Liberia markets a wide range of premium quality TOTAL branded lubricants for heavy and light duty industrial equipment, mining, motor vehicle applications, etc.


Retail Network

TOTAL Liberia markets petroleum products through a chain of service stations spread across the country.

As part of its commitment to the retail sector, the company has constructed thirty-one (31) modern service stations across the country. These stations offer consumers a one stop service point for fuel, lubricants, as well as mini mart.

TOTAL has invested over US$25M to construct modern service stations across the country. All TOTAL service stations are operated by Liberian businesses.


Young Dealers

The Young Dealer program empowers and develops Liberians who are honest, committed, hardworking, competent, and who show potential, but who do not have sufficient capital to manage their own service stations.

The best Liberian pump attendants on TOTAL service stations are identified and given training to then become forecourt managers, assistant supervisors, until they gain the experience to take responsibility as a Young Dealer.

TOTAL provides each Young Dealer a loan so they have the start-up capital they need to run the service station. This system encourages internal promotion and turns the beneficiaries into experienced and independent Liberian business men and women.

TOTAL has provided loans of over US$3M to 22 Liberian Young Dealers service station franchise partners. TOTAL will continue to construct service stations and invest in Young Dealers, empowering Liberian business people and driving local content throughout the country.

General Trade


Events characterizing the General Trade Segment, in addition to fuel services, the company provides specialized applications to rubber, mining and construction industries. The provision of lubes analyses is a major service that set aside the Company from its competition.

TOTAL Group operates 4 refineries in Western Africa (SAR in Senegal, SIR in Ivory Coast, SONARA in Cameroon, and SOGARA in Gabon). Our primary source is SIR (Societe Ivoirienne de Raffinage) Abidjan, Ivory Coast. Total has different supply source options depending on the requirement. Total Liberia currently imports 2-3 vessels every month.


LPRC partnership

TOTAL Liberia’s Fuel depot is adjacent to LPRC (Liberia Petroleum Refining Corporation). Since 2005, TOTAL Liberia has annually obtained the exclusive and direct use and throughput for four tanks:



Total manages these tanks with its own high safety quality standars which is a key to ensure timely supply, and product quality. The storage capacity of its tanks is as follow:

TANK 405 JET +/- -420K/USG
TANK 406 JET +/- -420K/USG


TOTAL Liberia is currently the sole supplier of JET A1 in Liberia. Over 95% of the aviation Jet A1 supply in Liberia is secured through international aviation tenders and awarded regional contracts. TOTAL competes with other international aviation suppliers for the contracts in West Africa.


JET A – 1

TOTAL has invested over US2M at the 2 aviation facilities to sustain operations that meet international standards.

The investment in a modern JET A1 refueler in 2012, valued at half a million United States Dollars, has added significant flexibility in TOTAL operations and provides aviation carriers with a modern and efficient refueling solution.

Total will this year also invest a quarter of a million United States Dollars in a refueler for its Spriggs Aviation depot operations.


Empowering and investing in Liberian business

As part of optimising supply logistics and safety standards Total designed an empowerment program in collaboration with the banks, the truck dealerships and with the galvanized support from the Government of Liberia, under the auspices of the National Investment Commission, for Liberian transport companies rendering Services to Total to invest in new, modern trucks.

Total Liberia lobbied on behalf of these Liberian transport companies to assist them in getting :

  • competitive prices for brand new and modern trucks from reputable truck manufacturers
  • low interest long term loans from local banks, in particular ECO BANK
  • affordable insurance coverage for product and public liability insurance through OMEGA INSURANCE COMPANY