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Working in our service stations' network


Working in à Total Service Station

Our service station is a one stop business environment and typically consists of the following businesses:

  • The forecourt (where the pumps are visible for the customer).
  • The bonjour shop (a convenience store with food corner as an option)
  • The service bay (for oil and other light vehicle services)
  • A car wash (automated or jet wash car cleaning services)
  • Other services include free air services



A dealer of a Total Service station must be aware of the company’s retail standards, policies and procedures. 
Dealers and staff working in our service stations are expected to be knowledgeable and deliver high standards in the following areas:

HSE & Technical:
This area of the station management focuses on Health, Safety, Environment and the Invariants – minimum station technical standards. 

Top service:
This involves implementing the company’s retail commercial policies and focuses on delivering the promise to our customers i.e. convenience, quality, cleanliness and proximity to the customers

Our dealers are expected to drive sales of products commercialized in their service stations profitability and sustainably.

The dealers must implement controls in order to ensure that business remains a viable going concern 

It is critical to establish and retain for inspection proper records of the business.   This includes employee records and station management documents as prescribed by the company.

Total arranges training of dealers in all areas highlighted above before and during the tenure of their dealership.    


How to Become a Young Dealer 

Who is a Young Dealer?  This is a station manager with limited financial resources but with a strong commitment to the Total’s brand. An individual who shares our business and moral values.

The Young Dealer Program is the Company’s way of identifying, developing and empowering deserving service station staff so they can become financial dealers in the long run. It is the Company’s way of contributing towards the development of entrepreneurship in our host communities.

Before anyone can become a Young Dealer, they should have worked their way up from having worked as a forecourt attendant to supervisor and up to station manager.

Once a person has been identified as a potential young dealer, they will be subjected to oral and written test to confirm their suitability.

Written test:
A formal test of basic arithmetic calculations, writing, reading and comprehension is administered to shortlisted candidates.

Oral test:
A formal face to face interview with a vetting committee to confirm the proposed candidate’s suitability for the program 

Young Dealer Vetting Committee: the committee comprising the Sales & Marketing Manager, Finance Manager, Retail & Development Manager, and Audit Manager will conduct the interview and submit final recommendation for the appointment of any candidate to become Young Dealer, subject to approval of the Managing Director

How to Become a Financial Dealer 

Who is a Financial Dealer? a private Liberian Citizen with financial and materials resources and requisite business acumen to operate a Total Service station.

The Applicant is required to submit his business registration certificate from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, a current bank account statement from any Commercial bank in Liberia. 

The applicant is required to submit a bank guarantee equivalent to the 80% of the anticipated Service station working Capital Requirement (WCR).

The applicant must further demonstrate the ability to raise enough working capital to finance the operation of the station 

The applicant must submit his/her current Liberian Passport to prove nationality.

A dealer Appointment Committee comprising the Sales & Marketing Manager, Finance Manager, Retail & Développent Manager, and Audit Manager will conduct an interview and submit a recommendation for appointment as dealer.

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