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LIBOSCAR launch report

Executive Summary

LIBOSCAR is a Top service improvement program that’s observe every year to better improve the customer service activities at every total service station in Liberia. This year LIBSOCAR launch was held at Total Congo Town service station.

Report Detail

This year LIBOSCAR launch was held on the 28th of March 2019 by the hour of 11:am at the Congo town service station. Twenty-one (21) service stations that were selected for had their respective representative. Mr. Eddie Doyan served as MC for the day, and welcome remarked was done by Congo Town Dealer in person of Abraham Kabba.

Out of the Twenty-one (21) Service Station that were selected for the LIBOSCAR competition only Two (2) Service Station, which include 72ND BLVD and Rehab Junction was given the opportunity to display their Top service skills. 72ND BLVD was the winner for last year competition and Rehab junction came 1st runner up.

Those that served as judges on the day of the launch are listed below:

  1. Idella Roland
  2. Trokon Somah
  3. Mr. Jones Taylor

Each of the team contain three (3) members, and each of them play different role doing the launch competition. The Two (2) Team members demonstrated the following roles:

  1. Pump Attendant with Top service function.
  2. Shop Attendant Function.
  3. Lube bay Technician Function.

At the end of the launch Mr. Taylor told all participates to go back to their service station, and practice because the competition this year is coming with better price that that of last year.

At the end of the presentation by both teams, those who were present were given the opportunity to asked questions and give their personal observation from both Team presentations.