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Mr. Safety training & commissioning report

Executive Summary

Mr. Safety is all about the twelve golden rules and others practices that everyone observed at Total worldwide. Mr.  safety is intended to serve as the safety watch person at every total service station in Liberia, and he/she is to make show that the Twelve golden rules and others safety tips learned doing the training are always practice and observed. In so doing the Retail sales and development manager in person of Mr. Jones Taylor along with the HSEQ Team conducted this Mr. Safety training on the 27th of March 2019 and evaluated those that participated in the training by administering pop quiz on that same day.  At end of the training and evaluation process those who was involved were commissioned and given a helmet, safety vest and gloves.  This was the first Mr. safety training ever held in Liberia.


Young and Financial dealer were asked to select two of their best staff who will serve as a Mr. safety at their respective service station. The process was done and those who was selected came from the Mr. safety at the head office of Total in King Street Buzzle Quarter in Monrovia. The Retail sales and development manager said that the selection process will be done on a regular basis so that all the service station staff can participate in the Mr. safety training.


The Mr. safety training was held at the Head office in Total Liberia on the 27th of March 2019 at the hour of 10:00 AM. Twenty-Five (25) service stations were represented with two (2) representatives each except for Ganta service Station who have one person in attendance at the Training. The total number of attendances was forty-Nine (49) in total.  The training was facilitated by the HSEQ Mr. Owolabi Olumide, and Mrs. Nellie Martor. The meeting lasted for four  (4) hours, and after which a test was given to evaluate those who took part in the training.

At the end of the training; Mr. Olumide announced the results Showing that Ganta and Gbarnga service station participants scored a hundred percent (100) % straight, while Buchanan and one other service station participants scored the ninety percent (90) % grade mark. Those other participating services fall in the seventy and sixty percent range.

The training was climaxed by the commissioning of those participants; they were given a helmet, safety vest and gloves which are intended to be used as uniform of Mr. safety at all twenty-five-service station.

Note: safety from me, you and all….