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4-Stroke (4T) motorcycles have mainly single circuit for engine, clutch and gearbox. Due to higher requirement for gearbox protection, the motorcycle oil should contain phosphorus to help minimize wear from metal-to-metal contact.

TOTAL HI-PERF lubricants were developed with riders in mind and backed by extensive research. Due consideration is given to not just the engine and gearbox, but also the chain and fork of a motorcycle. Dedicated products meet the needs of daily commuting and touring, to racing when a split-second represents utmost importance.


1 product 3 benefits:

  1. IN THE ENGINE, TOTAL products provide protection for all engine components: pistons, cams, cylinder sleeves, valve train and crankshaft. The engine stays clean and runs optimally.
  2. IN THE GEARBOX, TOTAL technology provides resistance to extreme pressure along with optimum gearbox protection.
  3. IN THE CLUTCH, TOTAL oils provide a uniform film between the clutch discs. They prevent malfunction and bring an appropriate coefficient level.

2-Stroke vs 4-Stroke

Choose either 2-Stroke (2T) or 4-Stroke (4T) lubricant

  • Knowing your type of motorcycle engine is key, as 2-Stroke and 4-Stroke engines have different lubrication systems. If in doubt, consult your manufacturer or refer to your owner’s manual.
  • 2-Stroke lubricants should NEVER be used for 4-Stroke engines and vice versa.