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Total card’s key benefits




The TOTAL CARD is the Number 1 Fuel Card with over 15 years’ experience on the market and provides a SAFE, SIMPLE, SMART way of controlling and monitoring fuel consumption for any size of fleet. It is a rechargeable smart card designed to meet ways of managing fuel expenditure with a guaranteed service in over 250 service stations country wide for your fuel, lubricants, car care services,(car wash and lube bay services) and BONJOUR shop purchases




The electronic chip and PIN system is an effective means of keeping down fuel consumption and optimizing fleet management using a totally secure system.

1.  With the Total Card you no longer need to carry cash.

2.   Each Total card may be allocated to a driver, a vehicle or both.

3.   For fleet management, each vehicle can be assigned a specific card or one master card can be used for several vehicles. It is recommended that you use one card per vehicle to keep better track of fuel statistics per vehicle for audit purposes.

4.   You can be notified of purchases that exceed fuel tank capacity of your vehicle.

5.   A secret PIN code randomly generated or of your choice is assigned to each card and ensures that the authorized driver only can use the card.

6.   There is also a PIN code for service station attendants to validate card transactions. This allows for traceability and further enhances security.

7.  The Card also has a driver PIN code option that goes over the card PIN and allows for traceability if different drivers use one card.

8.   In case of loss, theft, or three consecutive PIN code errors, the card will be blocked immediately upon notification by telephone (during business hours) or by fax, subject to written confirmation within 48 hours.

9.   If you fail to cancel and blacklist a stolen or missing card, you remain legally and financially responsible for the use/misuse of it. Hence, you are required to notify us within 48 hours to cancel and blacklist the card.




The Total Card has proven to be a very reliable budgeting tool for fleet and individual car owners. This reliability is attributed to its analytics reporting features, which enable...

1.  Detailed statements of purchase. Keeps record of consumption per every 100 kilometer.

2.  Anomaly Reports that capture abuse of cards during usage. These reports can be viewed either in real time or on a monthly basis.

3.   Access to information on cumulative value of purchases, mileage, and frequency to exercise budgetary control and study and predict trends.



Your Total Card can be used for FUEL, LUBRICANTS, in the BONJOUR SHOPS, CARWASH and also for SERVICING.

All these can be done at a Total Service Station.




With your Total Card, you can limit transactions on the card in various ways.

Limit value of either cumulative purchases or frequency per day, week or month. Fuel limits can also be made to match the vehicle tank capacity. Product/Service Restriction. Determine on each card the products and services authorized by the holder to purchase.

Geographical Zoning restricts card usage to specific regions and geographical zones.

Remote PIN unlocking of Total card that has been locked due to keying in wrong PIN three times.

Tagging - a card can be tagged to a particular vehicle such that without the vehicle, transaction is not possible.





1.  Introduce yourself to the Attendant as a Total Card customer. Your Total Card member sticker on your car will help him identify you.

2.  Allow Customer Attendant to check your card status (validity of card, balance on card, etc.) before every Total Card transaction.

3.  The Attendant will hand over the terminal to you to confirm if the amount on the terminal's screen corresponds with the amount displayed on the pump before validating the transaction by entering your 4-digit PIN code.

4.  Enter PIN Code and mileage (odometer reading of the vehicle where applicable) yourself.

5.  If you enter the INCORRECT pin code twice, prompt the attendant to cancel the process. Note: failure on the third attempt will mean that the PIN code will be blocked.

6.   For multiple users - Enter common code for card followed by driver code

7.  Attendant will take the terminal while it is printing the receipt and hand over receipt and your Total Card to you.




In using your Total card, take note of the following..

1.   Your card number can be found at the back of the Total Card.

2.   Check all bills, receipts and statements immediately after receiving them.

3.   Do not disclose your PIN code to the Total Customer Attendant.

4.   Key in your kilometers personally if your card has that option activated.

5.   Do not keep your PIN code and card together.

6.   The confidential PIN (Personal Identification Number) entered by the client serves as a signature testifying acceptance of transaction. Note that you are responsible for the safe custody of both the PIN code and the card.